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A Basket of Sunflowers


Seven women, seven places, seven stories. From the bucolic lush green tea gardens of North Bengal to the glitzy Manhattan, each story is built around interesting characters, plots, and subplots. All these educated and highly accomplished women raise a subtle question about women's inhibitions and their silent screams. Not all of them can seek redressal from their problems, legally or socially. Many like to bear the cross in martyrdom in silence, but others do not.

Niharika, whose fiancée had ghosted on her date of marriage, was never to appear again for twenty years. Aditi was a single mother of choice, and she fought against the social norm of living her life the way she wanted to. Suparna was a highly qualified young woman who discovered that her disqualification in life was not in her own hands. Maitrayee was a single mother, but it wasn't a choice. She rejected her husband but was unable to overcome her love for him. Anuradha had not been able to solve the mystery of how a man who seemed so loving and committed could morph overnight into a stranger. Debjani, who was a much-appreciated public relations officer, was powerless to deal with her husband, who believed that her child's father was someone else. Suchandra was a victim of domestic violence, who came out of a violent life and started a new life, but not with a new, independent identity.

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