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Hailing from the small-but-ever growing north Bengal town of Siliguri, the exposure to characters, situations and human reactions has been a part of Pinakie’s life from the very beginning. And as life progressed from the foothills to the Himalayan heights, from being a young educator in Sikkim to giving physical shape to marketing dreams in Delhi-NCR, his experiences only kept getting filled up.


Cliched as it may sound of being a corporate-to-creativity crossover, Pinakie doesn’t claim to be a habitual writer – rather he’s happy being an author of experiences and emotions. Debuting with Mountains to Manhattan, a fiction on the refugee crisis of the Tibetans in the diaspora, Pinakie finds it challenging and rather satisfying as a writer, to put himself in the shoes of his women characters. His second book, A Basket of Sunflowers takes this journey forward, navigating through the lives of seven women and their stories.


Pinakie’s passion is to write about people, culture, ethos and philosophy. Exploring issues of identity, family relations, and history excites him. His stories are not exactly about his experiences, but rather his interpretation of what the characters around him go through.

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