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Mountains to Manhattan


What if you were born without a country? What if you were branded a refugee as you took your first step? All this and more happened to young, charming, clever Tenzin Lhamo. Her crime, she was a Tibetan born in India.
Ever since she became aware of her uncertain status, she would ask herself, how long will I be a refugee with restrictions and no right to a passport? Why can't I have a country of my own and a citizenship?
To fulfill her own aspirations and that of her family, Tenzin undertakes a perilous journey halfway across the world in search of a country that would own her, give her respect and freedom as its citizen and let her earn enough to support her family.

Will she be able to contribute as an individual to the Tibetan cause? Or would she have been more fruitful in her community in India? Will her husband ever reach her or wait for her? Even if she gained an identity and a country, would she lose the chance to have her own family?

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